The Only Ones Left

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This is for a Role-Play sim on Second Life. A post-apocalyptic time is here, seems there are only a group of survivors.. but the times have changed...

    OOC Rules for the sim and rp

    Crystal Melody Carter

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    OOC Rules for the sim and rp

    Post by Crystal Melody Carter on Tue Mar 21, 2017 7:54 pm

    Just a friendly introduction before jumping into rules, we are allowing child avatars on the sim. Yes you can be pregnant and the baby CAN survive. We do have RP sex though and some furniture will not be suited for the kids (kids will have their own). Please be mindful. We have a zero tolerance for kid/adult sex situations.

    For those that do not understand meta-gaming and god-modding, we have a dictionary for the sim posted within this forum.

    1. Respect others
    2. Take ooc arguments to IM. If needed start a group chat with an admin to help sort the problem.
    3. No age play of any kind
    4. Accept RP limits
    5. be mindful of child Avis
    6. Take sex to IMS/group chats
    7. No nudity on the streets....Keep in mind kids are welcome
    8. Keep gestures to a bare minimum. This is a RP sim, please keep it that way.
    9. no metagaming or godmodding. It ruins RP.
    10. must accept consequences from actions

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